We provide businesses with a disruptive technological solution to bring visibility and efficiency into their value chains. Haelixa creates product marking technology that provides a traceable fingerprint from producer to retailer.

The fingerprint is an invisible and robust in-product marker based on DNA.

How it works

  1. 1. Design

    We design a unique marker to be assigned to an individual producer, manufacturer, location or batch. The customer receives kits containing an easy to apply marker formulation.

  2. 2. Label

    The markers are applied at the production site, or any node down the supply chain, by the customers themselves. Through marking, a physical proof of processing at a specific facility becomes inherent in the product.

  3. 3. Test

    At any point during production, the product can be submitted to a quick paternity test to unravel its history and ultimately verify its integrity. The test can be conducted at our laboratories or on-site.