fabric background

The Haelixa platform for natural textile fibers (such as cotton and wool) provides users with a reliable tool to trace and identify their products from source to retail, assuring the sustainability and integrity of their products.

Our traceability programs enable the possibility to unravel the origin of natural textile fibers and the history of a garment through different locations, thereby verifying product sourcing and manufacturing claims.

Our enhanced traceability solution allow detection of blending of premium, responsibly sourced fibers with lower quality, non-certified materials as well as mixing of different material batches.

Bringing transparency to the textile industry

  1. Granularity
  2. Textile stays textile
  3. Differentiation
  4. Resilience

DNA marking technology allows great precision in obtaining information from the supply chain. Our tracers can identify individual farms and subsequent manufacturing steps on a batch level.

Our traceability solution does not alter any of the properties of the product. It is also entirely harmless to the environment and humans.

Products with great value added through origin, design, processing or performance should stay unique – we make sure those claims are protected in the product.

Enhanced robustness of our DNA markers makes them resilient to industrial processing. This includes the harshest chemical treatments such as bleaching or dying.