Gemstones & minerals


Haelixa proprietary precious material tagging and testing solutions provide the supply chain visibility that protects all supply chain actors from counterfeiting and false product origin claims.

Our traceability programs allow determination of a specific provenance (mine level) of gemstones (such as emeralds and diamonds), or other minerals while providing an authenticity label from mine to store.

Tracing from mine to jewlery

  1. Granularity
  2. Stone stays stone
  3. Resilience

Our technology can be used to prove precious stone provenance back to the exact mine, hence shining a light on the precise origin of the cherished material.

Our tracers are invisible – even to the best optical microscope – so do not induce any optical effect whatsoever. Haelixa technology makes the gemstones stand out with their credible origin in addition to their eternal beauty.

Enhanced robustness of our DNA markers makes them resilient to processing steps such as cutting, polishing and re-oiling processes.