Reservoir Monitoring

Our water and oil tracers can be used to characterize and monitor oil or geothermal reservoirs by tracking the movement of fluids in the subsurface. Thanks to its design and performance, tracer implementation in geothermal/oil fields allow operators to gain a complete knowledge of the reservoir and of how it develops over time, assisting in engineering and management decisions. We can provide as many distinct tracers as required to perform complex multi-tracer studies, and to eliminate background problems deriving from previous tracer tests. Smart tracers capable of monitoring fluid parameter such as temperature, pH are available, combining tracing and remote sensing. This innovative combination, and the high quality information obtained with our platform, brings reservoir description to the next level.

Product Authentication

Our product authentication solutions ensure transparent identification and tracking of any branded product (fuels, polymers, packaging, cosmetics, inks, seals), detecting and preventing counterfeiting, illegal trading and theft. The tracers can be incorporated within raw materials, tracking them throughout processing (e.g. injection molding), distribution, and storage. Haelixa portfolio includes smart tracers to verify that products meet the quality requirements and were stored under appropriate conditions (e.g. temperature, light exposure).

Liability Management

In various industrial and environmental settings the use of Haelixa permits to diagnose leakages and track them back to the source. The markers are introduced within industrial fluids or wastes to detect their spillage or dispersal, assisting in the assessment of the contamination risks and mitigating associated liability. In commercial scenarios, labeling products with our technology allow to reduce the risks and the costs of recall, damaged brand image, litigation which may arise from loss of product quality or safety.

Your Partner for Innovative Tracing Solutions

Besides ready-to-use tracing products, Haelixa offers customized tracers for specific demands and applications. Our unique technology and know-how enables the development of a broad range of tailored solutions to satisfy your needs.

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